Athabasca County

Last updated Jun 27 - 2017

General Market Summary

Athabasca County Market Information


Depending on quality...
Barley: $2.75-3.00/bu picked-up;
Wheat: $3.75-4.25/bu picked-up;
Canola: $6.50-9.50/bu picked-up (5-50% damaged with 40%+ oil content)
Oats: $1.55/ bushel, July-August
Peas: $5.50-6.00/ bushel
*Please get us sample info / pictures and we'll get you a price!


- FEED BARLEY @ the bin:
***July-August: $3.15-3.20/bushel
September -October: $3.20-3.25/ bushel
November - December: $3.25-3.30/ bushel

- FEED WHEAT @ the bin:
July-August: $5.00+/ bushel
Buyers are looking!! Give us a call.
September-December: $4.75-4.85/ bushel

- #1/2 CPSR WHEAT:
July-August: $5.00/ bu picked-up
September-November: $5.00-5.30/ bu picked-up
#1/#2 HRS Wheat:
Based 13.5% protein, we are targeting $7.90-8.20/bu delivered for summer and later fall / winter.

- 2CW OATS @ the bin (subject to sample):
July: $2.75-2.85/ bushel
August: $2.85-2.95/ bushel
NEW CROP 2CW OATS @ the bin
Sept-Nov: $2.45-2.55/ bushel
Dec-June: $2.55-2.95/ bushel
- 3CW OATS @ the bin:
July-August: $2.40-2.70/ bushel
- FEED OATS @ the bin:
July: Up to $2.00/ bushel

- GREEN PEAS @ the bin:
Max 3% bleach: $7.80/ bushel (INDICATION)
NEW CROP Greens @ the bin:
Aug-Dec: New Crop Bids around $7.50-7.80 picked-up. Working on higher targets, $8-8.50/bu. At the moment, not many buyers at the table.
*Call or email on higher bleach.

*** YELLOW PEAS @ the bin ***
*Seeing good demand for old crop yellow peas. If you have some to move, please call!
June-July: $9.60-9.75/ bushel picked-up
NEW CROP Yellows @ the bin:
Aug-Dec: $8.30-8.55/ bushel without Act of God, $8.00-8.30/ bushel with.

- FEED PEAS @ the bin
July-August: $6.00-6.10/ bushel

- FEED FABAS @ the bin
July: $5.50-5.70/ bushel

- CANOLA @ the bin
July: Old crop offers triggering around $11.50 picked-up.
- NEW CROP CANOLA @ the bin:
Sept-Dec: $9.70 picked-up.
*Give us a call to discuss placing a target, or email with your legal land description for a price!

... Need a price for something else? Please email or give me a call!

***Please send your samples to:
3-5400 50 Street,
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1B7


Jared Seitz

Jared's not only good at growing his facial hair, he's also helped grow Agfinity since it's inception in 2010. With Michelle, his incredible wife (and business partner), he also takes an active role in raising up two beautiful girls and one handsome, little rascal, whom he fondly calls "mini-me".

Residing in Spruce Grove, AB, it was to Jared's delight when Agfinity moved their headquarters back to his hometown of Stony Plain in June of 2014. How many people can say they work a block away from where they were born!? Well, aside from his business partner Joseph, not many!

You might be surprised to know, Jared received a bilingual high school diploma, has played over 10,000 hours of basketball, and finished half a novel before the reality of needing to support a young family set in. Though a novel may not be in his future, writing is still one of his favorite things to do. Check out the Agfinity newsletter if you'd like to read some of Jared's essays.

A grain broker at heart, Jared loves putting deals together! To this day, he claims the best deal he ever made was with his future in-laws when they agreed to let him be boyfriend #1! … Being number one is never easy, "but that's why I show up bright and early at Agfinity every day," Jared exclaimed, "I want Agfinity to be the best brokerage there ever was and ever will be."

*Want help connecting the dots on your grain marketing strategy? Call or email!

Recent Athabasca County Trades

#3CW Oats
157.50/MT or $2.43/BU
44.00 MT
FOB Boyle, AB
Jun 09 - Jun 30
TRADED Jun 21 - 2017
CW Feed Barley
137.79/MT or $3.00/BU
44.00 MT
FOB Colinton, AB
Jun 19 - Jul 31
TRADED Jun 19 - 2017
CW Feed Barley
136.50/MT or $2.97/BU
44.00 MT
FOB Boyle, AB
Jun 20 - Jul 31
TRADED Jun 14 - 2017
#1CW CPSR Wheat
171.50/MT or $4.67/BU
132.00 MT
FOB Wandering River, AB
Jun 01 - Jun 30
TRADED Jun 13 - 2017
Spring Thrashed Oats
113.24/MT or $1.75/BU
350.00 MT
FOB Grassland, AB
Jun 13 - Jul 14
TRADED Jun 13 - 2017

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